Exploring the possibilities of reusing bio-waste. It is clear to most that time has come to manage our consumption and produce less waste, the waste dumps are full with harmful products. By re-using biodegradable rests we can produce significant energy, building material and many other things from the waste itself!

In the context of Landen festival we chose to collect the dung of the local Scottish highlander cows to produce paper. To not waste any "waste" and out of general fascination we started looking into all the other million things one can do with, well, shit. The idea was influenced by "cradle to cradle/waste=food" which for us meant going for zero waste production cycle. At this moment we are experimenting with exploiting collected cow dung to produce not only the paper, but other by-products such as, bio-gas, bricks, fertilizer, and isolation material.

Cow dung is widely known to be a fertiliser. It's usability however is astonishing.

Apart from paper cow poo is used, in many parts of the developing world, as burning fuel, insect repellent and thermal insulator. When processed it can be transformed into building material such as wall/floor plaster and adobe bricks. Cow dung is reach in methane which can be easily extracted to produce biogas to provide a renweable green source of energy. In India they produce medicine which they say can cure a whole herd of ailments from bad breath to cancer, as well as incense sticks, soap, shampoo and even toothpaste.

The project is still under constant development. You can contact us via [email protected].

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