Setting up the Poo Factory.

Stage 1 - The Orange Factory
Orange factory and open fire
We started working with only a roof above our head, the poo box for drying the dung we have collected, a big bath to make the paper in and a dipper bath for washing the dung. We also made a very nice press but that turned out to be not very useful for the paper making process. Maybe at later point we will be able to use it for stencil printing.. The dung was cooked in an open fire just next to the factory.
Orange Factory Poo box at the orange factory Paper Making Bath and Frame The orange factory at work

Stage 2 - The Scrap Wood Factory
The Wooden Factory is Up
Time has come to build a more stable housing around us. So off we went to look for scrap wood and abandoned building materials...
Bringing Wood
...and build...
Snack Break Skeleton Putting Up a Roof Putting Up a Floor
And back to work.
This Will Do for Now Working Again

Stage 3 - Summer is Over
On a Cold Night
Getting ready for colder work conditions, better storage capabilities and the upcoming Landen Festival, it is time to close up our shed.
So What Do We Have to Do? The Back Wall from the Slums First Window Palette Wall Warmth

Stage 4 - Landen Festival
The Challenge of Moving the House as a whole and the final paint job.
The Move The Pull Chain Inside Ready
More about The Poo Project in Landen Festival.

Stage 5 - Dung Bricks and Plasterwork
Our next move will be to produce enough bricks and dung plaster to rebuild the factory as originally planned. Keep updated.

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