Ecofestival Landen 2011

ah... Green grass, sun, birds flying around, gluhwein, a lot of people a lot of new ideas. That's what comes into my mind when i think about Landen 2011. It was really inspiring experience. Once again, even though the weather was horrible for weeks, right on time for Landen it became sunny and warm. Perfect conditions for an outdoor eco festival. Of course we were present there with our latest development.


This year we decided to convince poeple visiting festival to make poo-paper themselves instead of us showing how we do it. It worked out pretty well and people realised that it isn't quantum physics and everyone could do that. Especially kids had a lot of fun making 'shit paper'. Apart from paper we wanted to explore and try out more things one could do with poo. To protect ourselves from wind and cold we plastered the walls with PooPlaster mixture (cow dung mixed with sand 2:1 and water). The effect was pretty awesome and we realised that Poo is in fact a great and cheap (if not free) building material. This inspired us to focus more in that direction and develop new factory where cow dung would be the main building source.

We also got a lot of feedback this year. Thank you all for that. We really needed that to motivate us to work harder on the project. You guys planted a lot of ideas in our head, and since the festival it seems that PooProject is the main thing we are occupied with.



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