ThePooFactory is a place that facilitates all the poo related projects and experiments. It was a neccecity to build an external place where we could work without being bodered and restricted by other poeple around. This gave us freedom to experiment with not always pleasent (to look and smell) cow dung as our main material.

We started from the basics, like puting up a sort of tent where we could build up paper making production line. Soon we were confronted with the rough weather conditions The Netherlands is famous for. Heavy rain and wind continuosly destroyed our factory. We had to upgrade the construction fast. That is why we've built a small shed out of recycled wood and windows where we facilitated poo paper manufacturing and small experimental biogas plant. Almost a year after we decided to upgrade our lovely factory and insulate it with "PooPlaster" (dried cow dung mix with water and sand).

Sadly, right after "Landen 2011", and after moving 3 times from one field to another, we had to take our little house apart. For the coming winter, we will continue working in thev Autonomus/Squatted/Social Center, "DeHallen" in the west of Amsterdam, were we are developing the construction of the new PooFactory 2.0. The idea is to build new modular/portable sheck mostly out of wood and of course poo. We are currently testing new ideas for PooBrick-like walls as well as planning the whole construction. Keep an eye on news to see the progress.

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